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Student School email and google drive accounts have been changed for the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

Over the summer we have cleaned up our student email system and all students will now have an email address in the following format. Last two digits of their graduation year followed by their first and last names For example if a student named Pokemon Dragonball will graduate in the year 2045 their email address will be as follows.  Passwords have also been changed/reset for all secondary students.Please check with your building administration for your updated password.

Student School email and google drive accounts to be changed over the summer!

Over the summer, we will be cleaning up the student organizational units in our instance of Google. This will entail deleting all school issued Google accounts including email and Google Drive. Any files they have saved under these accounts will also be deleted. Students should download their files to a personal storage device if they would like to keep those files for future access. This project will begin Jun 7, 2021. When the students return to school in the fall, they will all have a new google account with a new id. At that time the students will be able to login to their new accounts and upload their files to their new Google Drive account. Please let your students know about this so that they are not surprised when they return in the fall.