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Superintendent's Message

Posted Date: 12/18/2020

Superintendent's Message

Hello Parents,

The updated COVID-19 Manual is available at

Here's a brief synopsis of the changes:

· Added the new quarantine guidance

· Added additional research on the effectiveness of masks

· Added messaging on what it means to wear a mask correctly   

· Added the "Test to Play" testing protocols  

· Updated the outbreak in schools section to reflect the new thresholds

· Added the "Test to Stay" testing protocols

· Updated the scenarios to reflect the new quarantine protocols as well as adding new scenarios on the 90-day rule, Test to Play, and Test to Stay

· Included information in the antigen testing section on the importance of understanding the limitations of antigen tests

Thanks for your continued support!

Doug Jacobs


  Douglas Jacobs, Ed.D.


  67 N. 200 E., Morgan, UT 84050

  Phone 801.829.3411