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Board Policies

2022 Emergency Plan


TA IT Systems Security Plan


T Data Governance Plan


GL Released Time Classes


GK Educational Authority of Separated Parents


GF Fundraising and Donations


GE School Community Councils


GD Parent Access to Curriculum


GCF Animals on School Premises


GCBA Parental Participation


GCB Community Support Groups


GCA Conduct on School Premises


GBA Board Hotline


GA Public Records


G Firearms


FJ Leaving School Campus


FI Student Fees, Fines, Charges


FHAG Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes


FHAF Student Safety Interventions


FHAE Disruptive Student Behavior


FHAB Sexual Harassment


FHAA Alcohol and Drugs


FHA Safe Schools


FH Student Discipline


FGD Student Searches and Interrogations


FGAD Student Bullying, Harassment, Hazing


FGAC Bus Conduct


FGAB Electronic Devices


FG Clubs Curricular and Noncurricular Student Groups


FFD Non-enrolled District Students' Participation in Extracurricular Activities


FFC Extended Travel Application and Policy


FF Student Activities


FED Student Data Protection


FEA Education and Family Privacy


FE Student Records


FDF Positive Behaviors Plan


FDEA Food Sales


FDE Wellness Policy


FDE Wellness Policy Adoption Process


FDC School Breakfast Program


FDAF Concussions


FDACC Student Allergies with Permission Slip


FDACB Naloxone Policy


FDACA Food Allergies


FDAC Parent Letter Prescriptions


FDAC Medical Treatment


FBF Re entry into Public Schools


FBD Daily Attendance


FBBA Dual Enrollment


FBB Admissions and Attendance Compulsory Education


FBAB Military Admissions


FBAAA Applying for a SEVIS I20


FBAA Foreign Exchange Students


FBA Admissions and Attendance Eligibility and Admissions Requirements


FAB Transgender Students


F Child Nutrition Charging Policy


EHC Early Graduation Incentive


EGA Guidance


EFD Course Grade Forgiveness


EEA Copyrighted Material


EDG Higher Education Savings Options


EDE Special Education Programs


EDA Alternative Language Program


ECH Human Sexuality Curriculum


ECG American Heritage Curriculum


ECF Religious Neutrality


ECD Sign Language


ECC Reading Achievement


ECBB Driver Education


ECBA Pass Fail


ECA Required Instruction


EBC Summer School


EBB Term of Instruction School Day


EBA Term of Instruction


EAA Instructional Goals


E Closed Enrollment Policy


DMC Use of District Email for Political Purposes


DMB Acceptable Use of Electronic Communication Devices to Conduct District Business 2018


DLA Employee Bullying and Hazing


DKBA District Employee and Student Relations


DKAC Nepotism


DJ Employee References and Letters


DHC Redress of Grievances


DHA Orderly Termination


DG Teacher Evaluation Policy


DFB Employees Suggestion Program


DEA Workers Compensation


DDB Reporting of Student Prohibited Acts


DDAB Threats


DDAA Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting


DDA Reporting of Child Abuse


DCC Association Leave


DCA Administrative Relations


DAI Employee Code of Conduct


DADA Transfers


DACA Employment Personal Reporting of Arrests and Convictions


DAC Employment Background Checks


DAB Employment Licensure


DAA Employment Objectives Nondiscrimination, Title IX, 504


CZ Supplement No Supplant - Title One ESSA


CRFF Conflict of Interest


CKA Cash Receipts and Expenditures


CJBC Transportation Personnel Training


CH Accessibility by Disabled Persons


CGA Hazardous Materials


CED District Emergency Response Plan


CCE Procurement Construction Management Methods


CCC Procurement Change Orders


CBJ Procurement Contractor Oversight


CBF Procurement Exceptions


CBE Procurement Small Purchases


CBDA Conflict of Interest


CBD Procurement Request for Proposals


CBA General Procurement Policies


CB Procurement - Scope of Policies


CAD District Audit Committee


CAC Budget


CABA Revenue and Budgeting


CAB Local Revenue


BU District Annual Reports


BEE Public Comment Policy Board Meeting


BEC Closed Meetings


BEB Board Meetings Recordings and Minutes


BEA Board Meeting Notice Requirements


BE Board Meetings


BDAB President of the Board


BBF Board Member Code of Ethics


BBD Term of President


BBC Board Compensation and Expenses


BBB Board Members Elections and Reapportionment


BBAA Board Student Members


BBA Board Member Qualifications


BAA Board Legal Status


BA Educator Licensure


AZA TSSA Teacher Student Success Act Framework Policy


AZB Electronic Devices


AZC Curriculum


AR Non Discrimination Notice


AQ Utah Immunization Law


APP Title 1 Parent-School COMPACT


AP Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy


AO Services for Homeless Students


AN Parental Rights


AM 504


AL Hazardous Materials Policy


AK Complaints Forms


AJ Identification of Students at Risk


AI Graduation Requirements


AH Consent Form for Human Sexuality Courses


AG Employee Electronic Communication Device Agreement


AF MSD Employee Redress of Grievance Form


AE MSD Power of Attorney & Guardianship Forms


AD Data Governance and IT Security for Webpage 2017


AC 504 Procedural Protections


ABA Morgan School District Facility Usage Permit - Patron Form


ABA Facility Usage Permit - Patron Form


AB 2020 New Facilities Use Application and Policy


AA Public Disclosures Child Abuse Training