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MHS Parents and Students,

Monday morning has been full of collaboration and preparation to help Morgan high school students receive an educational program online.  Throughout the rest of today and tomorrow we will work tirelessly to create the best at-home instruction we can provide.  A few teachers have already begun and have communicated with students regarding their expectations and program.  For most students, teachers will communicate with them on Wednesday regarding their modified classwork and ongoing expectations.


If you do not receive communication from each of your teachers from the courses in which you are enrolled by Thursday, please contact the main office.  The communication issue maybe a result of an incorrect email address, phone number, or a technology issue.


Students needing a school Chromebook to engage in online learning at home may come to the main office through the main front doors on the west side between 8 AM and 12 PM tomorrow (Tuesday).

Attached to this email you will find a Morgan school district electronic device check out form.  This form must be filled out and signed by both student and parent before a Chromebook can be checked out from the office. A parent may fill out the form and send it with the student or the parent may come to the office with either a filled-out form or fill out the form in the office. The serial number will be added to the form at the time of checkout. Also attached to this email are directions for connecting your Chromebook to your home Wi-Fi.

Office hours during the closure.

8:00 AM– 12:00 PM: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Students and/or parents picking up Chromebooks, textbooks, or school work, etc.

Lunches Available

Our cafeteria is still open to students for curbside pickup. Parents can email the school principal and request a sack lunch which can be picked up at the curb just outside the cafeteria on the west side between 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM.  At the time of pickup, students would report their ID number.  Meals will be provided for all students throughout the district at their individual schools.

Closed Campus

Until our restrictions are lifted Morgan High School will remain closed to all parents and students except for the main office during the hours and for the reasons explained.  All doors will remain locked except for the main entrance doors on the west side leading to the main office.

No Internet at Home?

If you do not have Internet access at home, you may pick up classwork and instruction in the office during the hours previously expressed. You may also call the main office and be transferred to a teacher for further explanation regarding their specific class expectations.
Crae Wilson



Morgan School District Electronic Device Checkout Coronna Virus – Word

Morgan School District Electronic Device Checkout Coronna Virus – pdf

How to Connect your Chromebook to WiFi – Word

How to Connect your Chromebook to WiFi – pdf

Morgan High Students Making A Difference

2nd Trimester 
Each trimester students at Morgan High School are nominated for the "Make A Difference" program. Students are nominated by teachers and their peers. Students receive a 
Make A Difference bracelet and treat along with a drawing at the end of the year for prizes. These are MHS students who have MADE A DIFFERENCE! Congratulations ! We have great students at Morgan High doing great things!!
Kaleb Bowles, Sage Crowther, Hannah Erickson, Rachel Edgington, Madylane Johnson, Jacob Pincock, Jake Behunin, Elizabeth Betz, Spencer Deardon,
 Bretton Johnson, Ethan Stone, Olivia Smith, Allen Shaw, Cara Woodbury, Devyn Larsen, Jaden Bohman, Taylor Porter, Davis Clark, Dylan Gines, Sam Nickerson,
 Jessenia Nava,Trace Mathews, Brin Jones,Cayli Niederhauser, Lizzi Betz, Ammon Patterson, Brock Barker, Kaylee King, Ethan Christensen, Brynlee Boyer,
 Wyatt Johnson, Luke Harris, Brady Price, Ethan Krase, John Ames, Colton Hatt, Lydeah Johnson, Sierra Moser, Aspen Hale, Kaitlin Kearsley, Kaleb Cox, 
Dylan Despain, Andrew Abplanalp, Ashton Bowles, Aspen Wheelwright, Catie Wilkins,Toni Nicoletti, Finn McClellan, Liam London, Chris Henshilwood, Gabe Tuma,
 Kenyan Evans, Kambria Brown, Meg Lunt, Jacob Karren, Dallin Taylor

1st Trimester Recognition Video


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June 13 – National ACT Test

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MHS Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Morgan High School community to create a positive learning environment built on mutual respect and kindness that assists students as they cultivate talents, prepare for meaningful work, advance toward post-secondary education, become responsible citizens, and thrive as life-long learners.

Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Statement
The Morgan School District (MSD) is committed to making morgansd.org compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). At this time we recognize that not all areas of our website may be ADA compliant. We are currently in the process of redesigning and creating new website content to be compliant with the W3C Level Two guidelines.