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MHS Spring Registration

Welcome to Registration for the 17-18 School Year!

  • Next year’s Senior’s registration opens at 7:00 am Monday April 24.
  • Next year’s Junior’s registration opens at 7:00 am Tuesday April 25.
  • Next year’s Sophmore’s registration opens at 7:00 am Wednesday April 26.
  • Next year’s Freshmen’s registration opens at 7:00 am Thursday April 27.
  • Registration will then remain open for all grades until 4:00 pm Monday May 1.

To Register for Classes:

Please go through these steps in order and it will make your scheduling experience much easier.
1. You will need the Student username and password for Aspire* (not the Parent’s login)

2. Download this worksheet to keep track of your progress. 4 YearWorksheet, Demo Worksheet
If you can’t remember what classes you have already taken, log into Aspire and bring up a Transcript. Fill in what you have already taken on your worksheet.

3. View the Counseling Center’s “How To” presentation. This is important!

2017-2018 Scheduling Instruction

4. Aspire’s Online-Scheduling For Students documentation

5. Review the Course Catalog. It describes each class in detail….17-18 Course Catalog

6. Study the Master Schedule. It describes when each class is being offered….17-18 Master Schedule

7. Log into Aspire with your Student account at https://aspire.morgansd.org and begin!

*Student accounts can only be created by the school. The username is always the students   lunch/student number. If you can’t remember the password please contact the school


Note: If you want to schedule any IVC/Weber State classes, read the IVC documentation here

 MHS’s SEOP/CCR Meetings will be held the evenings of April 26 & 27. Please meet with your advisor to be sure you are on track for Graduation.