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MHS Scheduling

Welcome to Course Scheduling for the 18-19 School Year!

Requesting is done so now it is time to Schedule your classes.

Class scheduling for next year is in two parts:
Requesting classes and Scheduling classes.
First the student and parent requests the classes in Aspire the student wants to take.
The school takes the requests and builds a Master Schedule.
Then the student and parent schedules the classes into trimesters and periods in Aspire.
When finished, print your schedule and you are all set!

When requesting classes please go through these steps in order and it will make your Requesting Experience much easier.

1. You will need the Student username and password for Aspire* (not the Parent’s login) *Student accounts can only be created by the school. The username is always the student’s lunch/student number. If you can’t remember the password please contact Mrs. Johnson in the Counseling Center.

2. Download this worksheet to keep track of your progress. 4 YearWorksheet, Demo 4 Year Worksheet
If you can’t remember what classes you have already taken, log into Aspire and bring up a Transcript. Fill in what you have already taken on your worksheet.

3. View the Counseling Center’s “How To” presentation. This is important!

2018-2019 Requesting Instructions

4. Aspire’s Online-Scheduling For Students documentation

5. Check for grade restrictions and prerequisites for the courses you want in the Course Catalog. It describes each class in detail….18-19 Course Catalog

6. Log into Aspire with your Student account at https://aspire.morgansd.org and begin!

Note: If you want to schedule any IVC/Weber State classes, read the IVC documentation here