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MHS Community Council


                                                                                                  Principal Letter

9/5/2017 Minutes
10/24/2017 Minutes
11/28/2017 Minutes
12/19/2017 Cancelled
1/30/2018 Minutes
2/27/2018 Minutes
3/27/2018 Minutes
4/24/2018 Minutes
9/25/2018 Minutes
10/30/2018 Minutes
11/27/2018 Minutes

1/22/2019 Minutes
2/26/2019 Minutes
3/26/2019 Minutes
4/23/2019 Minutes

10/29/2019 Minutes

11/29/19 Minutes

 MHSCC Minutes_Jan2020

Meeting Dates
MHS CC Agenda January 28th

MHS CC Agenda February 25th

March 24th

  April 28th

MHS CC Agenda May 14th

                                                                                            MHS CC Agenda Oct. 29

                                                                                            MHS CC Agenda Nov. 26


  MHSCC FEB 25, 2020 Agenda

   Rules of Order

Improvement Plan/Budget
 Improvement Plan 2017-2018
               Improvement Plan 2018-2019

                                                                                       MHS Trustland Plan 2019-2020

Final Reports
2016-2017 Trust Land Final Report

 2017-2018 Trust Land Final Report

                                                                                MHS Final Trustland Report 2018-2019

Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Statement
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