Employment Opportunities

Support Staff

MES Cook



Part-time District Maintenance Assistant

Substitute Custodian
Substitute Bus Drivers
Substitute Food Service Worker

Support Staff Application
Coaching Staff Application

Fingerprint & Background Check Information
All applicants must be fingerprinted and have a background check. The district offers fingerprinting services for applicants and the public.

Classified Salary Schedule FY19 #1
Classified Salary Schedule FY19 #2
Classified Salary Schedule FY20 #1
Classified Salary Schedule FY20 #2

Certificated Staff

All Certificated Staff applications will be received through the website.

MGMS 6th Grade Teacher

MMS 7th/8th Grade Science Teacher
MMS PE/Health Teacher
MMS Job Share 7th/8th Grade English Teacher

MHS Counselor

2018-19 Certified Salary Schedule
2019-20 Certified Salary Schedule

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